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Thursday, November 5, 2009

what it's all about

on the 13th february 2009, the day before valentine’s day, i attended a ‘fire through the window’ concert and through pure felicity and serendipity, i ended up sticking ♥ stickers on everyone there. over 300.

it was magical. everywhere you looked there were ♥ stickers. everyone was united.

20090213 FTTW 017

at splashy fen, over 3000 ♥ stickers were given out. and at other concerts all over durban, south africa.

people always asked me,

what are the ♥s all about?

what do they mean?

what does it stand for?

heart stickers 002

they mean love i guess

they’re just there to remind us

to unite us

to love us

and to love each other.

splashy 016

and now, it’s time for the ♥ sticker revolution. there will be hearts everywhere. on note books, in diaries, on cameras, on mirrors, and cars, cell phones, light posts, walls, street signs. all over the world.

heart sticker revolution 001

send me your postal address to me at and you will be mailed an envelope full of heart stickers for you to start the revoution.

send your heart sticker photos to and they will be posted on

not war

to spread joy, peace and love all around the world.

one heart sticker at a time.


Jun-A. said...

This really is such a cool idea!
I loved seeing them all over splashy at our camp!
Thanks for spreading happiness.

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